I chose sport, essay

Sport is an important part of our lives. Regular exercises good for health, so physical education should be familiar to each of us.

Someone considers sport a waste of time, but I am sure that sport is life, and without it nothing is impossible. Can’t imagine a person never riding on skates, who did not play football or badminton. During training and competitions, meeting new people, making friends. Sport supports in man the vigor and vitality, and it’s a beauty.

Now, unfortunately, many young people from an early age, they accumulate many harmful habits that worsen the quality of life. And I’m not just talking about Smoking, alcohol and drugs. Here and improper diet (fast food, poor quality products), the failure mode of the day, drug abuse, etc. there are Many things in modern life, are able to significantly reduce or even shortened.

It seems to me that instead it is better to choose a sport. If you do it for fun and without fanaticism, it brings only benefits. The habit of exercise we need to educate the family and develop in school.

In Russia, the sport I love, it says a huge number of sports clubs and schools, and also the fact that our athletes show good results when it comes time for the Olympics. Since the days of the Soviet Union, the Russians never „grazed back“, if it was about protecting the sport honor of the country.

Personally I do in my free time swimming. My close friend go twice a week in the pool and do there for two hours. We are a year and a half and has already participated in regional competitions. I took fourth place, and he the fifth. This was our first achievement.

I am sure that the sport is our friend, it helps to keep the body toned and healthy body, as we know, healthy mind!

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